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Palm reading is a common way for psychics to foretell your future. Since 3,000 B.C., people have been interpreting palms and understanding what the lines mean. Palmistry, the study of the palm and its fortune lines, originated in China, but today it is practiced all over the world.
In this blog, we will we able to discuss each line on your palm and what they mean. Hopefully, though our blog, you will have a better understanding of the lines on your right palm and what they mean.

What Hand Should You Use?

Notice how we said “right palm?” True to the traditional Chinese method of Palmistry, the right hand should be used for readings. Of course, there are others that believe that the right hand is reserved for female readings and the left is used for male readings.
What do the hands represent?
Other schools of thought believe that both hands should be used in readings, regardless of the sex of the person. It is believed that both hands represent different parts of yourself, and thus both should be included in a reading.

The Left Hand: The left hand represents what you were born with physically and materially.

The Right Hand: The right hands represents what you become after you are fully grown.
Because the right hand represents what you will eventually become, fortune tellers favor this hand over the left one.

What are the Major Lines to Read?

There are nine majors lines that psychic readers need to examine.

Life Line: The “life line” is the line that psychics use to determine the longevity of your life. The size, color, and depth of your line will determine how long you will live and what kind of life you will live.

Head Line: This line goes straight across your hand and is the line that determines your wisdom, attitude, and strain capacity. This line also determines your ability to think and maintain self-control. Your psychic will determine your capacity by looking at the length of this line.

Heart Line: This line is called the “heart line” and represents your capacity to love others. The depth and length of the line will determine your ability to love and how strong that love will be. Depending on the length of your heart line, your psychic might also be able to determine how you cope with hardships, such as loss and heartbreak.

Marriage Line: This line determines the state of your marriage. The curvature and length of the line will ultimately determine the happiness in marriage you feel. However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see a line. Sometimes psychics can determine fortunes that aren’t directly seen on your palm.

Fate Line: Your fate line is associated with your career or luck in life. You will typically be able to find out the timing of your fate line by when your luck line intersects with the other lines.

Sun Line: The sun line is associated with your success and enjoyment of life. If you have no sun line, this doesn’t mean that you will have a joyless or unsuccessful life. It just means that you your enjoyment of life come from something other than success and fame.

Children Line: Your children lines tell the sex and health of your children. The lines will also be able to determine how many children you will have.

Money Line: Your money line determine the amount of wealth you will see in your lifetime. However, if you don’t see this line, this does not mean you will live penniless. All an absent money line means is that your happiness isn’t dependent on your wealth.

Health Line: Your health line will determine your health and what areas of your health may decline over time.

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