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Modern day palm readers and future tellers study the lines of the hand to reveal the character of your present life and your future one by helping you gain insight and self-awareness about yourself, allowing you to make better choices and positive changes in your life.

Reading palm lines is more than just seeing how long a particular line is. Examining the three major and the other minor lines of the hands, Carolyn will look at the nuisances of the line (is it branched? Which way does it curve? Does it intersect with any other lines?), and examine the color and texture of the fingernails and skin, the size of the knuckles, the size of the palm and fingers and other characteristics of the hand.

She will examine each of the mounts of your hands to gain deeper insight into what the spirits are trying to tell you. Carolyn will take the time to examine all these important factors, not just read palm lines.

Using her psychic abilities to interpret all these areas of the hand, Carolyn’s palm readings will give you wisdom about yourself and help guide you toward better choices about your life.

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