Carolyn can perform relationship analysis and love analysis for you to help you determine if your relationship – any relationship – is the right one for you. Using the art of synastry, Carolyn can help explain how your current (or future) partners will interact with you on emotional, mental, sexual, and spiritual levels.

Carolyn can perform this synastry for any type of relationship. Astrological chart analysis can help you explore love problems with your current partner (or predict if you will have love problems with a future partner). Finding out which partner is better for you (and which ones are not) can help you find the path to a true, deep, and lasting love.

Understanding how your astrological sign impacts your ability to interact with others allows you to grow and become a better partner to your current or future partner and helps you find the path to lasting love.

This psychic reading can also be used to explore your relationship with a business partner, close friend or relative, even a child or parent. Exploring the synastry of any two people can allow us to understand ourselves better by learning how we interact with others based on who we are and they are. This, in turn, allows us to be better in all our relationships.

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