A cup of tea and various tea leaves used for a psychic tea leaf reading at Astrology Boutique in Chicago.

Carolyn can use her psychic skills to read your tea leaves and help you understand the symbols the tea leaves reveal in the cup. It is easy to see an image in the bottom of the tea cup and think, “Oh, I know what that means!” But, it is important to let a skilled psychic assist you in interpreting the symbol as reading tea leaves is about so much more than a picture in a cup. It is important to note where the symbol is in the cup (top, middle bottom?) and how thick the symbol is.

A skilled tea leaf reader will note if the symbol is whole or broken, how clear it is, and how quickly it disappears. All of things are important to interpret to understand the overall picture of what the tea leaves are trying to reveal.

Let our skilled future teller conduct your tea leaf reading to help you interpret what the universe is trying to tell you and help you understand what the future can hold for you.