Let’s start looking at some of the other astrological houses.

The Second House

Most astrological chart readers interpret this house to relate to our stuff: our money (or wealth), our debts and our things. It can also convey how we relate to our stuff. Are our things more important to us than the people in our lives? Do we focus on making more and more money? And, if so, how do we get that money? Do we not worry about our debts? Do we just keeping racking them up, not worrying about the consequences? How we think about our things says a lot about ourselves in general.

The Third House

This house rules our relationships and our communications – particularly with family members, friends or members of our community. What the astrological chart tells the reader is how you deal with others around you. How do you relate to them? Are you polite, sociable, down right mean? This is the house that tells you how you handle the world around you as it constantly changes and shifts. How do you change and shift with it?

The Fourth House

Some strict interpretations of this house are that it relates to our mother. However, not everyone had a mother in their childhood, so other interpretations include the family (who ever that might be) that raised you, or the environment you grew up in. The astrological chart will tell you reader how you feel about your home life (whatever it currently is or what you want it to be). It will also explain how you feel about your security and well being in your personal life.