The next chakra is the spleen chakra, also called swadhistana (and svadisthana or adhistana). It’s found in our lower stomach and sexual organs and is associated with the color orange. Not surprisingly, it is thought to relate to our feelings and emotions – specifically how we can get our own needs met. This chakra helps determine the energy around our intimate relationships, what we feel passionate about and our pleasures. It’s also helps determine how we get these desires fulfilled. When this chakra is out of balance, we find ourselves depressed and possibly trying to relieve that depression with drugs or alcohol. It may show itself as an eating disorder, back pain or even a urinary tract infection. To rebalance this chakra eat and drink orange foods, take up water aerobics (this chakra is also associated with water) or take long baths with orange essence.

The last chakra we will explore is the base chakra. Also known as the root chakra and associated with the color red, muladhara is found at the base of your spine. Much like the translation implies, this chakra is all about our need to exist and to survive. This chakra deals mostly with the physical world and how we relate to it. This chakra helps us stand-up for ourselves and helps us navigate the world around us when we are in trouble. If this chakra is out of balance, we may find ourselves unhappy and exhausted. Your hands and feet might be cold or you might have imbalances in your blood. To help rebalance this chakra, eat red foods and drink red drinks. Try exercising more and get more sleep.