Those last fleeting moments we hazily remember upon awaking: our dreams. Sometimes we wake feeling blissful and at peace with our dreams. Other times we wake feeling frightened and anxious. Still, other times we wake and don’t know what to think!  What does it all mean?

Today, we’re going to examine some common dreams and try to analyze their meanings.

Loosing Teeth

Many people describe similar versions of this dream. They were looking in a mirror or at themselves and suddenly, their teeth fell out. If there were other people present in the dream, no one else seemed to notice. A dream like this often leaves the dreamer anxious and scared and the memory of the dream can be quite vivid.

One analysis of this dream is you are concerned about your physical appearance. While this seems pretty basic, it is possible there are some anxieties you haven’t been willing to face or are unable to address about your looks. A similar analysis is that you are worried about doing something to embarrass yourself, in essence, worried about how you will look to others.

Some ancient interpretations are that the dream means a close friend or relative is very ill. The Chinese believed that if you dreamed of your teeth falling out, you were telling lies.

Of course, it could be you are dreaming about money. After all, where do you put your tooth after it falls out and what do you usually get?


Pretty simple and straightforward: I was being chased. However, the analysis isn’t quite as simple and looks at several elements of the dream.

The fact that you are running away from someone or something, immediately says something about how you handle conflict. You flee and try not to confront it. Is there something going on in your life right now that you are avoiding? Maybe you need to deal with it head on.

Who are what are you running from? The chaser represents a part of you. Are there parts of your personality you don’t like or haven’t fully embraced? Better yet, is it you chasing you? That could mean you think you’re failing in something or are trying to find the drive to finish something.

How far is it between you and your chaser? The closer the pursuer, the closer you are to the problem, or the more immediate it is. If you continue to have the dream, is the chaser closer or farther to you? That tells you if you are confronting the problem.

Next time: test taking dreams and the naked dream!