This week, let’s take a look at Strength and Temperance. Unlike previous posts, these cards aren’t exactly opposites. The overall symbolism and message of the cards are similar. However, having one or both of these in your tarot card reading can mean different things.

The Strength card and the Temperance card are both about balance. Of course, as we’ve discussed, many cards in the tarot deck refer to finding balance in our lives. What’s interesting about these cards is they are about our ability to balance some of the most basic areas of our life.

The Strength Card

Looking at the Strength card, you will most often see a young woman in a white dress with a lion. Looking closely, you will notice she is overpowering the lion. She is, in essence, taming the lion. So, a literal interpretation of this card is that you are strong or need to find your strength.

However, as we’ve learned, when it comes to the tarot card decks, nothing is what it seems. Most interpretations look at the card like this: the lion is our inner desires, those things we want most that sometimes, we shouldn’t want. The woman represents or strength to control these desires. The Strength card reminds us we have the power to control our urges.

If you see the Strength card in your tarot card reading, it’s time to take stock. Are you facing great difficulties right now? Time to call upon your strength to help you through it. Wants and wishes out of control? Find that inner strength we all have and find the restraint you need.

The Temperance Card

This card is also about balance, but unlike Strength, Temperance is quieter, more controlled. While Strength is about force and action, Temperance is about reflection and observation.

If you see the Temperance card in your tarot card reading, it’s time to take a step back and assess your situation. Perhaps you’ve been a person of action of a long time, taking whatever steps necessary to achieve your goals. The Temperance card is telling you to take the time to examine what you’ve done and how you are doing it. Have you accomplished your goals? More importantly, are you finding ease in achieving your goals? Or, do you feel like you’re running around from task to task, putting out fires as they occur? If it’s taking you a lot of time or you’re spending a lot of energy on accomplishing your goals, look around and see what you can balance in your life to make these goals easier to achieve.