Thanks to everyone who sent in request for topics! Those will be answered in the future blog posts. For right now, back to the tarot deck.

The Magician

An individual (usually male) stands tall and proud by a table. Above his head is the symbol for infinity (a figure 8 on its side). Just seeing the card makes you feel confident and proud. But, what is the card trying to tell you?

Start by looking at the infinity symbol. It symbolizes the magician’s endless knowledge. More importantly, the magician understands that every action he takes – and doesn’t take – has a reaction. Everything has a consequence. Now, look at the table. What do you see on it?  A sword, a challis of wine, a wand… Hmm. Kind of looks like all of the suit symbols for the tarot deck, doesn’t it? Though we haven’t yet discussed the tarot deck suits, these are indeed the suits for the deck.

Put it together and what does it mean?

The magician card is telling us that opportunities and changes are approaching. It is time to gather all of our skills and abilities together (represented by the table) and use them to make wise decisions. We must, however, remember that no matter what course of action we choose, there will be a consequence, good or bad (represented by the infinity). The magician card is giving us time to prep so we can make the best decision possible.

The Priestess or High Priestess

Much like the magician card, the priestess represents our ability to make good decisions by using our skills and understanding how we impact others. However, the priestess card is also informing us that while we can and are able to do these things, there are other powers at work in our lives. This does not mean that they control our fate. The priestess is telling us that we need to be aware of this power and use it wisely. By acknowledging it is there, we can harness it and take advantage of it (in a positive way!).