Apologies for the long absence!

This week, let’s look at the hierophant and the hermit cards.

The Hierophant

Also know as the pope and looks similar to the priestess card we’ve already examined. While the priestess represents our ability to control things that sometimes don’t seem in our control, the hierophant represents how we interpret the things that happen to us, whether or not they are in our control.

In a literal interpretation, the hierophant is faith and conformity, and sometimes religion. The figure on the card is literally a person who teaches us religion in its purest form. This may mean you are mindful of rites and rituals. While this may apply to your religious beliefs, it may not. It may just mean that you are aware of and try to stick to your rituals for your life. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but may indicate your preference to play by the rules.

If you see the hierophant during your reading, it may be telling you its time to examine those beliefs. Are they working out? Are they causing trouble in your life? The hierophant isn’t telling you to abandon what you believe, just to stop for a moment and consider them. While they play and important part in your life, sticking to them without considering what they truly mean may not be such a good idea.

The Hermit

In many ways, the hermit is the exact opposite of the hierophant. While the hierophant is all about staying with the crowd, the hermit strikes out on his own path, often on the less popular path. But this is done with a purpose. The hermit has taken that journey, knowing that each step allows him to examine his life, to bring it wisdom and meaning, and to gain knowledge and experience from them.

Does this mean you should strike out on your own? Ditch your conventional life for one of meditating on the beach? As tempting as that may sound, that is not what the hermit is telling you to do (though it still might be a great idea!). The hermit is telling you that it’s time to take a few minutes and examine your life. What have you learned lately? What do you want to learn?

It is likely a good time for you to turn inwardly and examine your life. Take a minute and look at everyone and everything around you. Is everything in your life positive and in balance? No? Then, what steps do you need to take to fix it? Perhaps you need to speak with a mentor or a spiritual guide, but you need to figure out where you are, to know where you are going.