This week, we’ll examine The Devil and The Tower.

The Devil

It’s probably pretty stunning, surprising even, to see the devil turn up in your tarot card reading. However, once you get over the surprise of seeing it, you’ll begin to understand what this card is trying to tell you about yourself.

This card isn’t about being evil, intentional or not. This card is about character – your character to be exact. Start by asking yourself some of these questions: What have I done lately that’s good for me? Am I in balance emotionally and physically? Are there ideas I’m not letting go of?

The devil card in a tarot reading is the strongest indication that you need to stop and take a good, long and possibly difficult look at yourself. This tarot card is all about the bad decisions we make and keep making day after day. The devil card is screaming out to you that its time to figure out what that is and let go of it. It’s time for you to move on!

The Tower

Another scary looking tarot card, the tower card indicates bad times ahead. The card symbolizes serious and chaotic change is coming your way (or, perhaps has just occurred in your life).

If no upheaval has occurred in your life yet, be thankful you have seen the card and can now heed it’s warning. You know it’s coming, what can you do to prepare? Can you change course in your life, make different decisions? It may not be to late to action to prevent the change from happening. If the change has occurred, take heart that it is likely over and done and you can take the time to learn important lessons from this extreme transition.

Interestingly, this card always comes right after the devil card in tarot decks. Perhaps it is this way because, when you look at the tarot deck in order, the cards themselves map out the journey of life. The devil tells us to take a look at the bad things we do to ourselves, and, maybe, the tower shows us what happens when we don’t make positive changes.