“I’m convinced my parents and I are living out bad karma collected from past lives,” was what I told my friend as the unprompted conclusion to a particularly difficult day. Weeks later, this feeling would resurface after a conspicuous and powerful visit to the Astrology Boutique.

Having been an avid reader of the blog, when I planned my trip to Chicago, I knew the Boutique in the Ukranian Village would be a must-see for me.

While I believe in Astrology, psychics, and all that other “energy mumbo jumbo” to a certain extent — I definitely know five out of seven of my chakra animals — I wasn’t totally sure what to expect as I climbed the front steps to the front door of a gorgeous brick building on West Division Street on the hip and friendly streets of West Town. In fact, I wasn’t even sure what to say or ask for when I walked through that front door.

I walked into a spacious, welcoming, cozy room decorated with plush furniture, sizeable crystals, and an ornate rug. I took a seat briefly on the couch before being immediately greeted by Carolyn. A woman who radiated a kind, warm energy, her presence put me at ease; for a perpetually anxious person like myself, it’s rare for me to find spaces so comforting and disarming.

We went into a room on the side of the living room that was filled with relaxing smells, rich colors, more comfy furniture, low lighting and an assortment of psychic paraphernalia lining the walls. I said very little as I took a seat across from Carolyn and pulled up to the small table that was decorated with a small lamp, a long tablecloth, and a large deck of well-loved tarot cards.

“Please shuffle the cards and to yourself, make two wishes or ask two questions. Let me know when you are ready.” Between you and me, dear reader, I shuffled the deck thrice and told myself two things: 1) I’d like to think more positively in my life and 2) will I find someone else, a partner in life, who makes me happy? I cut the deck three times and picked the first pile for Carolyn to read for me.

As she laid out the deck in a pyramid formation, she promised to tell me my results, good or bad — I believed her.

What she told me next surprised me and left me speechless. She methodically read the cards, explaining deep parts of my life, parts that I haven’t even divulged in my closest family and wouldn’t unless a heavy number of drinks were involved. She paused occasionally to ask a question for clarification but for the most part, this woman whom I had never met expressed back to me deep, private, thoughts I had never thought I would be able to share or put into words. To use modern slang, sitting in that chair at Astrology Boutique, “I felt seen.”

Despite a lack of alcohol currently in my system, I want to share with you what my cards had to tell me. I doubt my reading will hold as much weight for you as it did for me, considering you don’t share my past or present, but I feel it’ll help you know the depth to expect when you go see Carolyn for your own reading and it’ll help me process my own emotions over such a detailed and realistic vision of my future.

I did my best to remember them in order, but here’s what my Tarot deck portrayed to me, in addition to my thoughts about the accuracy of each statement.

  • I am a good person with a kind heart (I’m not sure how true that is, but it’s always nice to hear)
  • Though I live openly and make sacrifices to help others, when I needed that help for myself no one was there. That everything I had achieved, I had done on my own (A true sentiment, though a selfish one I would never dare to express and will probably go to my grave never speaking aloud)
  • I lack happiness in my life because every time I felt secure and happy, something happens to cause me to lose that feeling of safety and joy (To be candid, I lost that feeling of security at 11 and then almost lost my mom at age 13; everything just went downhill from there)
  • That I had visions of success and I am on track, though struggling to finish a personal project — something like a book (okay, to be candid, this is true, but Carolyn knew I am a writer and personally I feel like this particular bit could be applied to everyone)
  • I feel held back by a wall, however, this wall is not of my own creation. In fact, though nothing in my present warrants it, I carry a significant weight. The cards believe the wall and the weight are created by the actions of my ancestors or past lives (Remember what I said to my friend two weeks ago?! See the beginning of this blog, I was definitely spooked)
  • I regularly wear a bright smile and “radiate positivity” but I feel differently inside and yearn for my outward appearance of happiness to affect by my inner self (Again, this feels as though it could be true of a lot of people but it doesn’t make it less true for myself. I also found it eerie that this was one of my wishes when I shuffled the cards and was addressed directly)
  • There is a partner in my near future, someone that I’ve known and loved before. This person will love me deeply and passionately. It will be a relationship that moves quickly but once we find each other it’ll be a happy, long, prosperous, monogamous relationship (I didn’t pick those adjectives for myself, those are the exact words the cards used which in my opinion felt pretty specific. Personally, I wrestle with this one. I’ve never imagined a marriage for myself and I definitely can’t think of anyone in my past that I want to date, let alone again. However, when I expressed this concern, Carolyn was unwavering and adamant in her reading, a response I respect and made me trust her more.)
  • I’m not sure if I want kids but if I decide to have them — I will have two happy, healthy children (this seemed like one that could apply to a lot of women, not to mention two is the average number of children per household. Besides, medically speaking, there is sizeable evidence to suggest that my children might be healthy after the pregnancy but that I would not)

After she finished, the reading hung heavy in the air. I didn’t even realize I had been holding my breath until my lungs started to ache and I felt a forceful exhale escape my lips. Carolyn asked if I had any questions, but I didn’t. Not only had she answered my two questions from the beginning of my reading, but had also validated feelings and thoughts that I have always held close to my chest. Roughly 90 percent of her reading felt pinpoint accurate, a conclusion I hadn’t expected at all going in. I did have one burning question though…

I asked her what to do about this wall, someday I’d like to finish my personal writing projects without feeling blocked. To my surprise, she had very specific instructions to follow in order to help clear my mind and overcome the faults of my ancestors. She gave me a white candle, ten sticks of incense, and a small Amethyst crystal. Carolyn instructed me to light the candle and incense every night for an hour before bed for the next ten days. Additionally holding the crystal would help lift the weight that I carry as well. Then she gave me her number and asked me to stay in touch and reach out once the ten days had passed and let her know how it went.

Not only do I intend to call her, but I also hand wrote this blog so that I could hold a pen in one hand and the crystal in the other. Her reading was so accurate that I trust her and her interpretation whole-heartedly.

Who am I to question the Tarot spirits?

There’s no doubt about it, if you live in Chicago, you’re lucky to live so close to Carolyn and her Astrology Boutique. I highly suggest stopping by and having at least your tarot cards read, if not more. However, if you’re overly emotional like me, you might want to take some time to stop at the coffee shop across the street afterward and process your feelings. After visiting the Astrology Boutique, I can honestly say, Carolyn will help you get in touch with yourself and take the steps you need to realize your dreams. Don’t hesitate, go in and get a reading for yourself today; you won’t regret it.