1. What-Services-Astrology-Boutique-Has-to-Offer

    What Services Astrology Boutique Has to Offer

    If you're looking for guidance in your life, you've come to the right place. Astrology Boutique is a trusted source of psychic readings and astrological advice. Our gifted psychic, Carolyn, has over 32 years of experience helping people from all walks of life find clarity and understanding in their lives. If you need advice on life or some guidance, come see us at the Astrology Boutique in Chicago…Read More

  2. Exploring The Minor Arcana: Suit Of Wands

    Dive deeper into the tarot with Astrology Boutique!   In our last blog, we explored the minor arcana of the suit of cups. If you’re new to tarot, you may be wondering, what is the minor arcana? For a quick refresher, the tarot is composed of the major arcana which has notable cards such as the Tower or Death, while the minor arcana has four suits, including the suit of wands which we’ll disc…Read More

  3. Exploring The Minor Arcana: Suit Of Cups

    Dive deeper into the tarot with Astrology Boutique! If you’re new to the tarot, saddle up, there is so much to explore! To help navigate this journey not only are books helpful, but seeing a professional tarot reader can offer you an outside perspective and a few tips that can expand your understanding. Astrology Boutique in Chicago is a great place to learn more about the tarot. With profession…Read More

  4. Important Aspects of Your Natal Chart

    Gain insight into your astrological sign! What’s your sign? is a question you may have been asked a time or two, or one that you often inquire about. Most of us know our overarching astrological sign — Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, etc. — but do you know the other common aspects of your natal chart? Astrology Boutique in Chicago offers personalized astrology readings that can help you dive in…Read More

  5. 6 Common Kinds of Tarot Spreads

    Level up your tarot spread! Whether you’ve just begun reading your own cards or are beginning to grasp what the major arcana and suits are in your practice, exploring the tarot is fascinating — you begin to reconnect and explore parts of you that have been buried and can better integrate the shadow self. The tarot is not fortune telling, but a source to your intuitive nature! At Astrology Bout…Read More

  6. Choosing a Tarot Deck That’s Right For You

    Navigate this deeply personal journey with the right tarot deck. When people begin their journey of reconnecting to their intuition, a tarot reading is often the gateway! The tarot does not predict the future, but instead, it gives you exactly what you need — whether it’s something you want, is an entirely different rabbit hole! Astrology Boutique in Chicago provides people with a better sense…Read More

  7. Psychic Reading: What Can You Learn From A Tarot Card Reading?

    Tarot card readings are becoming more and more popular. However, most people also have a lot of questions about what exactly tarot card readings do. Is this a way to tell the future? Will it reveal all the things you need to know about your love life, job, and family? What most people don’t realize is that tarot card reading is complicated and has a long history that goes beyond mere fortune-tel…Read More

  8. What’s So Gay About Astrology?

    Chicago is historically one of the gayest cities to live in, right up there with San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. The inner city is an LGBTQ+ friendly place, especially on the North Side and the West Side (where our boutique is!). So, what does the inclusive queer culture of Chicago have to do with astrology? Well, astrology is seen as an assumed common ground between queer people an…Read More

  9. An Authentic Reading: A Personal Experience

    “I’m convinced my parents and I are living out bad karma collected from past lives,” was what I told my friend as the unprompted conclusion to a particularly difficult day. Weeks later, this feeling would resurface after a conspicuous and powerful visit to the Astrology Boutique. Having been an avid reader of the blog, when I planned my trip to Chicago, I knew the Boutique in the Ukranian Vi…Read More