There are several myths surrounding psychics, and they prevent people from making informed decisions. Whether it’s the movies or false psychics out to make a buck, it’s easy to misunderstand how psychics really work. In the next few blogs, we are going to dispel five of the most common myths surrounding psychics.

The number one assumption that people make about psychics is that we can read your mind. Asking a psychic to tell you when your birthday is or how many fingers you’re holding up behind your back is a clear indication that you don’t know how psychics work.

What Can Psychics Read?

  • Depending on what emotion you’re feeling, you give off a certain energy. Psychics can sense and read this emotion. When they do a psychic reading, they may be able to understand why you’re feeling what you feel. However, they can’t literally read your mind!
  • Every person has spirit guides. When you give real psychics permission to access those guides, they can get crucial insights into your situation and learn what needs to happen so you can move forward. They can reveal why certain things are happening and others aren’t. As a result, a real psychic can provide incredible solutions to improve your life.

Don’t let yourself be tricked by myths about psychics. Our own psychic, Carolyn, has a unique gift, and has dedicated her life to helping others. Whether you need dream analysis or tarot card reading, she can help. Contact our Chicago office for an appointment today!