If you’re wondering if you should see a psychic, we can guarantee you that it’s a good idea! Visiting a professional psychic can give you the insights you need to make hard decisions – or to move on from difficult situations. Make sure you do your research and look into reviews.¬†Once you have chosen a psychic, there are some important things you should keep in mind during your appointment. We are going to share them in our next few blogs!

Keep an open agenda

If you go into your session with a rigid agenda, we guarantee you’ll be disappointed with the psychic and have no one to blame but yourself. Psychics don’t control what they¬†communicate; they are guided spiritually to say certain things. The best thing that can happen is you get what you need from the appointment – which isn’t always the same thing as what you want. We suggest you head in with a few questions to ask if the psychic allows it and let the psychic do what he or she does best!

Listen for details

A genuine psychic like Carolyn will be able to provide spontaneous details that are spot-on. This confirms the psychic is really connecting with you and not simply providing general input. That being said, we caution you against expecting certain things like the code work you had with a deceased partner or a secret signal you shared with a friend. Instead, remain open to memories the psychic can access – you may be surprised!

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