1. Important Aspects of Your Natal Chart

    Gain insight into your astrological sign! What’s your sign? is a question you may have been asked a time or two, or one that you often inquire about. Most of us know our overarching astrological sign — Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, etc. — but do you know the other common aspects of your natal chart? Astrology Boutique in Chicago offers personalized astrology readings that can help you dive in…Read More

  2. What’s So Gay About Astrology?

    Chicago is historically one of the gayest cities to live in, right up there with San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. The inner city is an LGBTQ+ friendly place, especially on the North Side and the West Side (where our boutique is!). So, what does the inclusive queer culture of Chicago have to do with astrology? Well, astrology is seen as an assumed common ground between queer people an…Read More

  3. A Love Letter To Cancer Season

    Happy Cancer Season our emotional little stars! As the summer solstice has passed and the sky rolled into peak zodiac position for Cancer, all of the signs have been feeling the emotional pull of the crab’s mighty pincers. Cancer Characteristics Cancer signs are ruled by the moon, known for being in touch with their emotions and their natural instinct to comfort others with almost laser focus. T…Read More

  4. What’s In The Stars For You This Summer?

    Summer is here and per usual, the stars have something to say about it. Here’s the ultimate survival guide to conquering this summer based on your zodiac sign. Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Treat yourself to “staycation!” Summer often makes Geminis feel jealous, excluded, and guilty for not doing more. Instead of regretting your introverted nature, embrace it! Take some time for yourself and b…Read More

  5. Overcoming Mercury’s “March Madness”

    Alright, my fellow astrologists, it’s that time of the year again. Time to talk about Mercury. Chances are if you’ve followed any semblance of astrology, especially in recent years, you’ve probably heard about Mercury retrograde. More specifically, you’ve seen or heard talk of social lives dissolving when Mercury starts “moving backward.” Today we’re gonna break down the mystique beh…Read More

  6. What is the Winter Solstice?

    What Does the Winter Solstice Mean? You may have heard the term “Winter Solstice” tossed around a lot lately. Well, there is a reason for this! This Friday, December 21st, is the 2018 Winter Solstice. But, what is so special about this day anyway? In this blog, we will be discussing the Winter Solstice, what is means, and how astrology predictions from the Astrology Boutique can be affected. W…Read More

  7. Get The Most Out Of Your First Psychic Reading

    Stay Open If you have an inflexible agenda, and only want to focus on one thing like a past-life experience or relationship advice, you are likely not going to get the most out of your experience. When a gifted psychic puts their skills to work for you, they don’t dictate what spirits will move them or what information you will be best served by. Think of your psychic as a conduit. It may be tha…Read More

  8. Mercury in Retrograde

    What does it mean for Mercury to be in Retrograde? Mercury in retrograde refers to the time of year when Mercury changes its rotation around the sun and appears to be slowing in its rotation relative to the earth. Because Mercury rules communication and day-to-day interactions, when it is in retrograde we can experience difficulties in these areas. Throughout the rest of 2017, Mercury will be in r…Read More

  9. Is Your Psychic Ethical? Part 1

    When you go to see a psychic, you have to share yourself. Sharing is part of getting the most out of a psychic reading. It is essential to find a psychic who will honor you vulnerability with completely ethical behavior. Unfortunately, there are psychics out there that don't handle their responsibility ethically. As a customer, you have the right to assess your chosen psychic to ensure he or she …Read More