1. Astrological Signs – Understanding Houses

    The Fifth House The creative house, the fifth house on the astrological chart, tells the reader how you convey yourself in original ways. This isn’t just about the first impression you leave with people (though that is a big part), it’s about how you express your inner self: your personality, your desires, your goals. It’s also associated with romantic interests, as this is the house where y…Read More

  2. Astrological Signs – Understanding Houses

    Let’s start looking at some of the other astrological houses. The Second House Most astrological chart readers interpret this house to relate to our stuff: our money (or wealth), our debts and our things. It can also convey how we relate to our stuff. Are our things more important to us than the people in our lives? Do we focus on making more and more money? And, if so, how do we get that money?…Read More

  3. Astrological Signs – Understanding Houses

    While you might look up your weekly or daily horoscope in the newspaper to get an idea of what is in store for you in the near future, it’s usually pretty vague and not very accurate (much like a fortune cookie). Everyone who has a birthday does have an astrological sign, and predictions about their lives can be made based on that birth date. However, if you want to get a really in-depth idea of…Read More

  4. The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

    At last, we have reached the end of the tarot cards. This time we will look at the cards wheel, judgment and world. The Wheel Also known as The Wheel of Fortune, the Wheel tarot card can indicate different things in your tarot card reading, depending on the interpretation of the card and its placement in the tarot spread. Some readers believe the card means that not everything that happens in life…Read More

  5. The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

    This week, we’ll examine The Devil and The Tower. The Devil It’s probably pretty stunning, surprising even, to see the devil turn up in your tarot card reading. However, once you get over the surprise of seeing it, you’ll begin to understand what this card is trying to tell you about yourself. This card isn’t about being evil, intentional or not. This card is about character – your chara…Read More

  6. The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

    Apologies for the long absence! This week, let’s look at the hierophant and the hermit cards. The Hierophant Also know as the pope and looks similar to the priestess card we’ve already examined. While the priestess represents our ability to control things that sometimes don’t seem in our control, the hierophant represents how we interpret the things that happen to us, whether or not they are…Read More

  7. The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

    Thanks to everyone who sent in request for topics! Those will be answered in the future blog posts. For right now, back to the tarot deck. The Magician An individual (usually male) stands tall and proud by a table. Above his head is the symbol for infinity (a figure 8 on its side). Just seeing the card makes you feel confident and proud. But, what is the card trying to tell you? Start by looking a…Read More

  8. Reader Poll

    In hopes that people are reading (and liking!) the blog, let’s pause a minute from our discussions about all things psychic and ask this question: What do you want to read about? What hasn’t been covered? What topics are you dying to know about? Is there something that you’d like to know more about? Want more in-depth discussions about palm readings, reading tea leaves, or dream analysis? Le…Read More

  9. The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

    This week, let’s take a look at Strength and Temperance. Unlike previous posts, these cards aren’t exactly opposites. The overall symbolism and message of the cards are similar. However, having one or both of these in your tarot card reading can mean different things. The Strength card and the Temperance card are both about balance. Of course, as we’ve discussed, many cards in the tarot deck…Read More