1. Tea Leaf Readings: Fact Or Fiction

    Since we just finished our examination of dream analysis, let’s look at another form of symbol analysis: tea leaf readings. These next few posts will explore the ancient art of reading tea leave and help us understand how it works. Tea leaf reading is the ability to look at the unique patterns left behind at the bottom of a tea cup and interpret what they are trying to say. These patterns are sy…Read More

  2. Common Dream Symbols – Continued

    And now, we analyze the last two dreams: falling and flying. Falling Down Yet another very common dream is the dream of falling. You could be falling off the top of a slide or from the middle of the sky and you wake up before you hit the ground. Contrary to popular belief, you will not die if you hit the ground in your dream, but you are more likely than not to wake before you hit the ground. In f…Read More

  3. Common Dream Symbols – Continued

    We continue with our dream analysis by looking at two more common dream themes and analyze their meanings. Taking a Test Some common versions of this dream are taking a test you’re not prepared for, failing a test or being late for the test. The easy analysis of this dream is, well, you didn’t prepare enough for a test. It could be a past test you took (probably recently) or it could be an upc…Read More

  4. Common Dream Symbols

    Those last fleeting moments we hazily remember upon awaking: our dreams. Sometimes we wake feeling blissful and at peace with our dreams. Other times we wake feeling frightened and anxious. Still, other times we wake and don’t know what to think!  What does it all mean? Today, we’re going to examine some common dreams and try to analyze their meanings. Loosing Teeth Many people describe simil…Read More

  5. The Art Of Palm Reading: What To Look For (Continued)

    So, now the reader has your palm in his or her hand. What’s he going to say? What will she find? What the heck are they looking at and what does it all mean? Depending on the palm reader there are three or four major lines that need to be examined. When we talk about “major” lines, these are the really big lines on your hands – the ones that everyone can see. We’re also going to examine …Read More

  6. The Art Of Palm Reading: What To Look For (Continued)

    In our last blog post, we talked about what to look out for (in a bad way) in a palm reading. We also talked a little bit about what kinds of things to look out for (in a good way!). Let’s explore a good palm reading a little further by looking at a palm reading in detail. Keep in mind, this isn’t a guide to help you read your own palm, per se. While it’s fun to try it out on your own, it’…Read More

  7. The Art Of Palm Reading: What To Look For

    Also know as chiromancy, palmistry (reading palm lines) is an ancient practice. For more than 3000 years, palm readers have been interpreting the lines, shapes and mounts of people’s hands to help them understand what the future might have in store for them. As important as it is to know what to look for in a good palm reading, it is just as important to know what to look outfor. Let’s start …Read More

  8. First Blog Post! Answering Your Questions

    It is with great excitement and anticipation that Astrology Boutique enters the blog world.  Our hope is to educate and inform people in Chicago about the psychic world.  Of course, Carolyn Miller is a psychic in Chicago, ready to assist you with all your astrological needs.  That being said, you probably have a lot of questions.  So, without delay, here are some of Carolyn’s most frequently…Read More